Breastfeeding-Working & Pumping plans

Breastfeeding: Working and pumping


If you are going to be breastfeeding & going back to work, then I want to let you know about something that helped me tremendously. I work the long 13 hour days and was able to pump at work with Feemies. Freemie cups go inside your clothing unlike the flanges so I could jump into the bathroom throw them in my shirt and come out to connect to the pump by my computer. You can quickly disconnect if you need to move but I was able to pump at my computer and phone to keep working. I would set my timer on my phone for15 minutes and pumped twice at my workstation and once on lunch break in an old unused room so door could be locked. Had to get creative to keep my milk up.


Work attire for me was a stretchy, spaghetti strap tank top under by button down work shirt that was loose fitting. I got a medium blouse from Express postpartum at 3 months because I was worried about sizing but quickly realized I could go back to my small blouse top no problem. I would wear a nursing bra because in the beginning my husband would bring my baby up to nurse on my lunch break. I was ready to unbutton and still have my stretchy top (from Ross) and nursing bra. It just became my “uniform” so even though my baby wasn’t nursing at lunch anymore it’s what I wear.


For pumping at my work computer we had private bathroom so I slipped in there with my pumping bag and inserted the freemies and came out with my pump and hooked it up to an electrical outlet. I could quickly disconnect from the pump. I should mention I had a jacket as part of my uniform so it did mask any jutting out of the Freemies.. I always felt covered with the coat. Since my top was on the thinner material side I definitely felt more comfortable pumping with my jacket on if it was around other people. I think I even brought my jacket to a work meeting once so I could pump and then later for other meetings I was like wait a minute this is a valid excuse to go sit somewhere else. I loved the portability, I just need an outlet and my Freemies and I can pump. Hope this helps.


I would return to the bathroom after my 15-minute timer and take the cups out, pour the milk into the Medela storage bottle and put into the ice pack mini cooler that came with the pump. I would wrap my Freemies in little microfiber towels we would get to dry or detail cars and place into a plastic gallon ziplock bag. Return back out to my workstation, place my milk cooler and bag of Freemies into the small work fridge and go about business as usual until my next pump or lunchtime.


Here are some videos of view in clothes






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