Breastfeeding part 3

Breastfeeding post


Started pumping around 6 weeks, before that was as much skin to skin breastfeeding as possible/baby wanted. Had to collect many ideas on using bed, pillows, sofa, chair, lean back method, football hold, side ways boppy support. The lactation consultant helped a ton get a good latch and showed effective ways to breast feed.


At the pumping point continued to feed him when he wanted and pumped in the morning after his feed. Closer to 8 weeks did pumping morning and night in addition to the feeds. For about 15 minutes I would pump and do things on my computer in a way to “train” myself to just pump while I did other things. I knew work would be mostly standing at my computer typing or answering phones so I practiced standing and pumping while I was on my computer. Used hands free bra for double automatic pump. Used pump in style, light at first phase and when it automatically switched to the longer phase (after 2 minutes) then turned up the strength. Some mom friends used an old sports bra with cuts made to hold the Medela flanges and bottles hands free. I used the hands free bra that is zipper adjustable. Flange size is important and had to increase flange size, especially in the beginning.


About 10 weeks out I heard about Freemies, which was amazing for accomplishing my goal. I could not imagine leaving my job to pump for 15 minutes 3 times a day and was dreading wearing flanges, hands free bra and bottles under a nursing cover. Freemies are collection cups that go inside your bra and the cords can be tucked under your shirt and come out the bottom to hook up to your pump. Very easy to de-attach if needed to step away from pump and do not feel awkward with huge flanges on in front of other people. The work space was not a private office but rather a communal area of work. To keep up my productivity I needed to be at the computer and near a phone both things I could do easily while pumping and the Freemies allowed the portability and coveredness I desired. Luckily for me I had a bathroom I could privately step into to insert and take out the Freemies. I use to wash them between pumps but decided later it was easier to just wrap them in my hand towel/shamy and store them in a plastic bag in the fridge until I needed them for the next pump since I pumped three times a day in the beginning at work on my 13 hour shifts.


Schedule I aimed to pump or feed the baby no later than every 3 to 4 hours in the beginning. Not a problem for the baby he would nurse all the time for long stretches. Workdays I would feed him around 6:45/7am, work started at 8am and pump around 10:30am . Lunch was at 1:30pm so pumped and got 30 minutes for lunch. Then pump around 6:30pm b/c work would become busy and that time got pushed back often. Then home around 9:45/10pm and would nurse him. I enjoyed the time to reconnect. He was already in bed but always wanted to see mommy so usually nursed really well and went right back to sleep most nights.



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