Breastfeeding part 1

Proud momma of a 2-year old still nursing and maintained working full time outside the home after baby was 12 weeks. I planned like crazy to learn as much as I could listening to various podcasts during the first year of his life, hiring a lactation consultant multiple times on this journey, attending breastfeeding support groups, and chatting with all my breastfeeding momma friends. Plus, can’t forget the unending support of my husband-my encourager & milk manager!

From the research I did before returning to work I was so confused how this pumping would fit into my day in a busy healthcare setting with long 13-hour days. I luckily had a pediatric dentist attend a breastfeeding support group one week and when voicing my concern she recommended Freemies. What the heck are Freemies? The answer for me to pump is what I quickly found. With so few people in my circle going back to work full time or with long shifts, I didn’t know where to turn but these cups sounded like the perfect fit for me.

I stockpiled milk while on maternity leave. At about 8 weeks I pumped 2 or more times a day after the baby fed to start collecting milk. I was a planner and knew returning to work I wanted to have lots of milk in the freezer. We had bought an extra freezer and my husband would package & label my milk. I used the Medela bottles and he would pack them in 5 ounce packs using the Lanosh double zipper bags. Around 7 or 8 weeks the lactation consultant had David do a feeding out of the bottle for the baby using the Breastflow bottle. He would hold and walk with him gently rocking and talking to him while I went for a walk or left the house for few minutes. I was concerned about him refusing a bottle and knew he had to get use to one so he could eat at daycare for the 13 to 14 hours I would be away. I did not want to start the bottle too early or too easy of a bottle because I did not want him to reject the breast.




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