I am getting clearer on what I want to learn, do, and how to grow. I am interested in so many things I don’t want to overwhelm, I want to take action and try new things to win, give my family more freedom & options, and help others. I am an amazing expression of God. I love and feel deeply for others. I cherish my family, friends, healing helpers and nature. I am learning to enjoy and play with the journey. It’s easy to get wrapped up and frustrated finding the “right” way. I see my 2 year old son’s frustration when he is learning and know he can do it. That is the same for me. Show myself love and grace as I learn. Help him (and myself) learn how to play, create, and not take things so seriously.

Affirmations to use and share:

  1. I am good enough
  2. I completely and deeply love and accept myself
  3. I am worthy of love and happiness
  4. I am a strong, sweet loving mother and wife
  5. I am sunshine and spread warmth and love
  6. I am like a butterfly enjoying the journey of this beautiful life, dancing to the nature’s music
  7. When I care for myself, I am able to care for others
  8. You are love
  9. Delicious bites of love
  10. You are amazing
  11. Gratitude fills my heart

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