Racing with a Toddler

Getting in car

Here’s what to pack for a more enjoyable time at the racetrack and camping. Trust me I have had bad experiences so these are tips to make sure you have a good time. April 1st was a Daytona Chumpcar 14 hour endurance race. It is quite the adventure and prep to beat 126 other cars with upwards of 350 drivers. Be flexible on nap times, keep hydrated, work as a team. Don’t go ALONE! Or find friends quick! Toddlers are busy and high energy as it is and put them in a different, mostly outdoors environment you will need help.


Ear protection, fruit pouches, east to grab food & cups, hat, stroller, baby carrier, disposable diapers, sunscreen, closed toe shoes, weather appropriate clothing, phone charger

Other essentials: Grandparents, golf cart, other kids, pack in play, tent/canopy/shade

Find ways to have them help or play, like bringing waters and food to the crew members, sitting in the cars to pretend drive, go on golf cart rides, let them run on ramp or climb on steps, chase other kids.




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